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The protein shaker bottle is very quiet and safe to use.

Wow, what an amazing device! At first I thought the protein shaker bottle would be very loud, but the protein shaker bottle is very quiet and safe to use. If you want to mix smoothly, you may need more than 30 seconds, but it depends on your powder. The important thing to note is to check the instructions before use. I plan to use the protein shaker bottle without instructions, but I can break the protein shaker bottle. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions.

Advantages: Now there is no need to touch your arm to mix your protein drink

Just click to start, no other noise

Specially purchased for Soylent powder and g fuel beverage. I think the protein shaker bottle will do a good job on Soylent, but the combination effect of the protein shaker bottle and g fuel left a very deep impression on me. Generally, even if a vibrating screen is used, there will still be some grit or clumps on the bottom of the powder fuel. This blends very well immediately, there is almost nothing at the bottom, even after letting the protein shaker bottle sit for a while, there is still a little bit, a 10-second rapid pulse in your business! Pick a set of these for employees to appreciate. This stuff is great! The only thing I have to ask is whether the protein shaker bottle can be slightly larger, maybe consider expanding the color options. My guys definitely want forest green!



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