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Arm muscle building training plan to make your arm strength burst

If the arm muscles are not strong, we will be affected when we take things or do some movements in our daily life. So many people start by training their arm muscles in the early stages of fitness. Arm muscles are the face of bodybuilders. The amount of your arm muscles is the result of your training. So today we introduce an arm muscle gain plan, let's take a look!


Arm muscle building training plan to make your arm strength burst


   Monday: Pull-ups

   Pull-ups are done mainly with the help of arm strength, so the effect of the exercises for us is still very good. After long-term exercise, we can see our biceps. When doing this, we first grab the horizontal bar with both hands, so that our feet can leave the ground. At this time, our arms begin to exert force and force the body upwards. At this time, we can also use our chest strength to assist in the completion of the action. When our body is lifted up, until our chin exceeds a single stroke, at this time we can relax and wait for the movement to start again. At the beginning, you can do ten in a group and do it twice.


   Tuesday: Plank support

  Plank support is a comprehensive exercise, which can have a good exercise effect, and it can exercise certain muscles of our whole body. First of all, we need to use our elbows and our feet to support our body off the ground and be parallel to the ground. When the action starts, we have to adjust our breathing and insist on this action for at least 40 seconds. I can feel that our whole body is exerting strength, and at the same time, we can feel that our arm muscles are tightening. Hold on for about a minute


  Wednesday: body rest


Arm muscle building training plan to make your arm strength burst


   Thursday: Supine dumbbell fly bird

  There are dumbbell movements that can basically exercise the arm muscles to a certain extent. When doing this exercise, we first lie flat on the yoga mat, and let our body relax. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and place it in front of our chest. When the action starts, our arms exert force, so that the barbell can be opened from both sides of our body, until our arms are fully opened downward, and the arms are moving. In the straightened state. Next, we will retract upward again. Do 4-6 groups a day, 12-15RM per group


  Friday: body rest


   Saturday: Push-ups

This action can be done with bare hands on the ground. At first, our palms and feet touch the ground. At this time, our hands are straight and the body is in a straight line, but the body is not parallel to the ground, but inclined. of. Next, we bend our hands down a bit to bring our body closer to the ground and ensure that our body is straight and parallel to the ground. Then raise some arms up again and start the movement again. Twenty to thirty push-ups at a time are more appropriate, 2-3 sets.



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