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How should I safely increase the training weight?


  Progressive overload (progressive overload) means that over time, when athletes adapt to a certain load of training stimulus, it is necessary to increase the load in the right time, the right amount to make it exceed the original load, training results can continue to grow

  The principle of progressive overload training is derived from one of the most basic physiological characteristics of natural organisms, which is that the organism can respond to any internal or external stimuli, also known as stress.

  The load, intensity, and volume of training are all stresses applied to our bodies, and progress in training is the process of adaptation to stress.

  Progressivity is a principle that is absolutely essential to all training and can be said to be one of the basic structures of training, and cannot be separated from "adaptation" and "stress". We often say that stress is the only way to progress, and training is actually the same thing!

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  When the body is trained, the skeletal muscle, metabolic, cardiovascular and respiratory systems must be stressed and force the body to get used to it, which leads to adaptation. When adaptation begins to occur, that means you can give new (more) pressure.

  For fitness training there are many variables that allow you to progressively increase the load, the common ones: increase the number of lifts, increase the speed of the lifts, shorten the rest time between sets, extend the rest time between sets but increase the weight lifted, increase the number of sets (training volume), etc.

  In addition, we must also recognize that the weight of the progressive weight cannot be increased infinitely, and the progress will level off at a later stage. At this point, it may be necessary to bring the concept of reduction training, and perhaps another small peak can be set.

  Whether athletes or the general public, whether aerobic or anaerobic training, you can use the training volume (exercise intensity, duration) to gradually increase the quality and quantity of sports training.

  Some people may have just contact with training, they want to practice big weight, but the result is in the absence of the foundation of the situation, but the injury, remember: any time to increase the weight is mastered when you can have excellent movement skills!



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